Executive Clemency DVD with Free Choices Pamphlet

Executive Clemency - The True Story of Jonnie Criss Verton.

This is a true documented story of one young man's struggle for freedom. He escaped from prison three times but could not escape from himself.

This story is about overcoming obstacles in his life and finding the true meaning of freedom.

Don't miss this true story as only one who lived it can tell it.

If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

Included with your purchase of the DVD is the Pamphlet written by Johnnie Verton from his 5x7 foot prison cell in 1981 while in maximum security in West Virginia's notorious state penitentiary. Johnnie pleads with young people not to do what he has done and warns of the snares that can catch and destroy young lives.

Executive Clemency - The True Story of Johnnie Criss Verton DVD with the free Pamphlet written by Johnnie Verton from prison will be shipped free of charge for your donation of $15.00.

Your can purchase online below or send a $15 check to:

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